Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Curly Clan Wash Day Diary: Part 1

Today,  I washed someone's hair! One of the kids, of course. Can you guess who it was? Can you?
Okay, that was a little lame. LOL! It was Jamian's little curls. His hair was very dirty. In the last video I did of him, I didn't exactly get around to washing his hair yet.

 So this was the last video before the one I filmed this afternoon. I wanted to use one of the million sample hair products that I had gotten from the hair show, so I fished around for a shampoo packet. I couldn't find one! I only found the 10 in 1 Shea Moisture renewal shampoo and deep conditioner packet that I was reserving to use on myself. I have tried the deep co before, and I loved it. But the sample packet was way too little to ever use on my hair, even though the shampoo was extremely sudsy on Jam's hair. So I ended up using that shampoo and the deep co on him. It was so soft and wonderful!
Afterwards, I used the Taliah Waajid Easy Herbal Comb Out in his hair as a wash and go style. I have used this stuff in the past, and it's absolutely wonderful for detangling! However, his hair didn't even need much detangling considering that I finger detangled his hair in the shower with the shampoo and the deep co, because it had sooooo much wonderful slip to it. This Shea Moisture line is the bomb, yo! I need to buy some more of this stuff whenever possible. Whenever Walgreens has another 50% of sale. Hehe.
I'll be editing the video of this wash day very soon, so stay tuned for part 2 and more pics and vids! ;)
Peace out, curly mamas!

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