Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Curly Clan Wash Day Diary: Part 2? Shunsleek Review

Hey, curlies! This post isn't going to be long, just a quick diary entry following the last post.
Well, of course, it's been weeks since then, but oh well. I've been super busy lately, and blogging has not been on my priority list!
Anyway, I tried the Shunsleek hair care products. I got these from the World Natural Hair Show in April. I've been using them on the kids hair since then, and I finally did a full review on it.

Yeah, they weren't all that. The spritzes barely did anything for our hair. The coconut detangler worked well, though.

I was so disappointed because this company did not do well with their presentation. Apparently, they need a graphic designer, because the way they designed the bottles, as you can see in the video, is not up to par. Also, there is NO excuse for the amount of misspellings on that one container!
Anyway, enough criticisms. There's my review on Symari's wash day, I hope you enjoy! Tell me what you think. 
Here is their website:

~Epic Realist~