Friday, June 5, 2015

My STRAIGHT Hair & Trim? June 2015

Hiya, curly mamas!
So, if you follow me on Instagram and Twitter, you already know that I straightened my hair yesterday! I just wanted a change, and ever since I went half blonde in January, I had been dying to see what my blondish hair looked like straight. So I finally went for it, even after a two and a half day mini vacation to NC by PLANE with my mom, sister and baby niece, and all 4 of my kids for my great grandmother's 82nd birthday! O_O
Yeah, talk about tiring. All those babies and bags, fighting through TSA.
Anyway, I rested for two days after that and washed my uber dry hair, deep conditioned, and went for the flat iron the next day when it had dried. I used only my Tresemme heat protectant, the same one I always use and have yet to run out of considering that I barely use heat on my hair.

If you want to see the big reveal, check my Instagram page or wait for the video! I have freaking tons of footage to edit, between the NC vlog clips and the straightening video with trimming and tips, etc. But I will get on it soon! Balancing time being a mommy and video editing can be extremely difficult. That's also why I took a week off from homeschooling this week. It's too much to deal with...

So stay tuned to YouTube for more videos and stuffs. Peace out! 

~Epic Realist~