Thursday, June 16, 2016

Braids & Bubbles Protective Style, Girls' Hair Updates

Hey, curly mamas!
I did this simple hairstyle on Symari about two weeks ago. I've never done this bubble technique on her for some reason, just never got around to it. Initially, I didn't know what to do with her hair after I did the cornbraids. I was going to leave it out, or just braid the three pieces together.

But I saw the rubberbands, and had an idea to do the simple bubble technique. It came out well. Of course, her hair isn't as thick, so the 'bubbles' aren't going to 'pop' as well as it would someone with thick, dense hair, but it worked, anyway. She was happy. See the full video here:

Her hair's thriving right now and I'm happy. Even with all the other heads in the house that I'm trying to keep up with, hers is doing well. It still gets dry and almost matted if not pinned into a style. Leaving it out is rare, because after one day of her sleeping on it, it's already tangled and dried up!
If you're looking for a simple protective style for girls, you can try this. Don't worry; you don't have to cornbraid if you don't know how! This can be done even with flat twists or just doing regular ponytails in the bubble style. Either way, it'll be cute. Just make sure that their hair is properly moisturized (LOC method) prior to 'banding' it up.

 Syriah's 3A-3B hair is also doing much better since her 8 inch cut.

Stay tuned for further updates! See the website for MORE.