Thursday, June 23, 2016

What Happened To The Vlogging!? CI Vlogs

Heya, curlies! If you are wondering where the family vlogs are, I've created a new channel just for them. I had to. I don't want too many topics being crowded on Curls of Innocence. I'm already doing hair, health, and homeschooling there, so the family leisure vlogs belong somewhere else.

So I finally made an entire separate channel called CI Vlogs for our daily/weekly family adventures. Subscribe if you dare. Hehe.
Now I have three channels. Omg! However will I keep up? LOL

There are already three videos up there, so go check them out before you miss out on any more! :D

Also, there is a new homeschooling video up on Curls of Innocence. Take a look.

                                           ~Curls of Innocence~