Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Do Babies' Hair Stay Straight...? + BIRTH Vlog!

The other day when my 5th child Kyanah was born, Syriah was pretty curious about her sister's straight hair. She was stroking it and trying to figure out why it was straight while her other siblings hair was curly/wavy.
We know that a lot of black babies are born with straight hair because of all the mixed up genetics in our bodies and then it eventually starts to curl up. Some take longer than others to curl up, but they still do.
I guess Syriah was just noticing this now whereas two years ago when Jalani was born, she hadn't thought about it yet! His hair as well as all 5 of my kids were born with bone-straight locs that curled up within the first month or two. But the simplest answer to to her question of why babies are born with straight hair and then turn curly was to just say that it depends on your parents. I told her that if the parents have curly hair, then the baby's hair will turn curly, too. And if the parents have straight hair, then their hair will stay straight. As far as the in-betweens, she'll have to figure that out as she gets older because she's only 7 and knows nothing about genetics or even what sex is, for that matter. LOL!
She didn't press the issue, though. She took that answer and went with it, which is what I wanted. Parenting SCORE! Haha!

If you haven't seen baby Ky yet, here's my 'birth vlog'!

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