Friday, September 2, 2016

VLOGTEMBER 2016 Begins!

Hey, curlies! It's September and I've decided to do Vlogtember this year!
I know what you're thinking. "Didn't you just have a baby? How will you have the time? Will you be able to do it?" Well, I am challenging myself this month to really work on managing my time better.
Being a stay home mom with kids home all day can be rough and time can easily slip away from you. Challenges like these actually help me not waste time lollygagging online, looking at social media's mindless drama a little TOO much. YouTube is fun and I really enjoy making videos. So I'm doing Vlogtember, which means a video every single day of the month! That'll definitely keep me occupied in between bottle feedings and checking the kid's schoolwork.
Also, the one time I did a challenge like this (VEDA) last year or the year before, I gained a lot more followers and subbies in that one particular month because the videos were on topic but a little more off topic sometimes. Nothing wrong with branching out. I remember doing a couple of gaming videos and a few videos showcasing my ability to create my own music. Maybe I should do a couple more of those this year...
So I hope you guys enjoy and get ready for some fun! I'll be doing some tags also, whenever I can get some quiet moments around here. Haha!