Sunday, November 27, 2016

Health Goals For The WIN! | Curls of Innocence

Hey guys! I want to talk a bit about my health goals, because I think I haven't talked about them since literally last year. Blah.
So, as you guys know, I had baby #5 on August 20th. I was about 185 prior to having her, and then I dropped back down to 175. And the rest of that weight is just stuck to me like freaking glue. -___-
I know I don't seem like I'm that heavy, but I am! It's mostly belly as usual. My belly is still 40 inches in diameter.
My belly is very saggy and fat, along with my diastasis recti issue. Having a lot of kids and never losing the weight will do that to you.
If you've been following me for any amount of time and also reading here, you remember the last time I spoke on my health goals and how I used to be. I was very much into health years ago before marriage, watching what I ate and writing everything I ate. I was so dedicated on staying healthy, back when I was mega skinny. But between battling PTSD and depression, I fell off the wagon after having all of my kids and remaining sedentary.
I also made a video last year about when I found out about my muscle separation and what I was doing to fix it.
I'm finally 100% ready to change my habits. I am sick and tired of being, well, sick and tired.
I'm never literally sick, as in always having colds. I'm talking about my body pains, back pains, headaches, migraines, stomach issues, dizzyness, insomnia, foot pain, heart pain, unexplained fatigue, heart palpitations, and whatever else I happen to be struggling with at the moment. I have circulation issues, especially in my legs. And you know that's not good. From my research, it's a problem that a lot of pisces develop. We tend to have circulation issues for some reason. Ugh.
But anyway, I am ready to change that.  I can get to a gym, BUT I can't afford the gym, and neither is my current neighborhood the best or safest in the world to go for a walk or a run. However, I will make a way to do something with no equipment. I do at home workouts right now, including jump roping. That's the best way I can get some cardio in.
I am changing my eating habits to the best of my ability. As you can imagine, with five kids and also homeschooling them, it can be a hassle. Hubby and I have no help with them, so it's just us planning and preparing their meals, making sure they're getting their nutrition, making sure their weight is up to par, and making sure that they actually eat instead of sneakily dumping their plates in the trash trying to avoid broccoli.
I may attempt to do meal planning, but omg. Lots of work! I am not sure if I can successfully do it, but I will work on it. There are little things I am doing to change my habits and lose this fat, like drinking apple cider vinegar every morning. I will have a video about that very soon.
If you have some tips for me or any encouraging words, I sure could use them! Starting before the new year starts so I won't care about sticking to a resolution or not. Haha!

What are your health goals? How do you plan to attain them?
~Curls of Innocence~