Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Creative Birthday Hairstyle!

Hiya, curlies! Syriah Lynn turned 4 years old on March 3rd. I did a completely new, made-up hairstyle on her. Loved the results. I got the idea from someone else, but the way I did it... completely unique. I had several people ask me how I did it. 

It's quite easy, actually. All I did was moisturize, de-tangle with damp hair, oil, and Cantu Leave in cream, and held a ribbon at the top of the hair section before securing a hair band. It's as if the ribbon was a regular piece of hair. Had to be careful, though, so that the ribbon didn't come out of the band in the process.
Then I just twisted regularly.
With the back, I did bantu knots instead, but I parted her hair in the shape of the number 4 before doing so. It came out awesome. She want to Chuck E. Cheeses the day before and got plenty of compliments. ;-)
Here is a picture of the mini twists I had in her hair prior to her birthday, before I washed it. They didn't last as long as her first mini twists did, and that's because I used different products. Just goes to show you that simplicity is best. The first mini twists I'd ever done on her were created with my whipped shea butter only. I guess I didn't need gel here. I barely use gel in her hair anyway except for the edges, but I tried something different and they only lasted a week, and that's with her hair being ridiculously fuzzy on the fifth day. I was ready to take these suckers down then!
I learned my lesson. Never again. Oh, and that new Cream of Nature conditioner I got recently... still hate it. I'm going to use it because I paid for it, but never again. Me no likey. I ranted in a previous post about that stuff. I got the same crappy coating in Syriah's hair as well. Bleh.
Soon, I will be selling my own whipped shea butter and whatever else I can conjure up. Screw this! lol xD

Tip of The Day: If your daughter has 3B hair, more than likely she won't need gel to hold her hair in place. A simply light, milky cream will probably work best, although I like using the thick, buttery stuff. Do not load her hair with gel; it isn't necessary and you'll regret the hardness and flakes later.
Well, hope you guys enjoy the hairstyles. Peace out til later!

~Epic Realist~