Friday, March 1, 2013

KCCM SPRING Castor Oil Challenge! Week 1

1. How long have you been natural? Did you Big Chop or Transition? Why did you choose this method? If you are not natural, do you think it is something you would consider in your future, why/why not?
I transitioned for two years and then big chopped my hair to my ears in 2010, so I'm almost 3 years ALL natural. I chose this method because my hair was already long (17 inches) and I didn't want to get rid of it all at once. I love long hair! I do not plan on big chopping again... ever. My goal is to attain waist length hair. Once I reach that, then I'll see what I feel like doing with it. lol! Complete hair journey here.
2. Is this your first time participating in the Castor Oil Challenge?
Nope. It's my second time. :D
3. What is motivating you to participate in this challenge?
I just love a challenge. Being held accountable for the health of my hair is fun, and doing my hair is therapeutic. I love seeing the growth and the effects of the castor oil. I'll probably keep participating in these challenges for a long, long time. lol
4. (optional) Do you ever wear your hair Naked? Post a pic of your naked hair after you wash it.
No, I don't wear my hair completely naked. It would be hell to de-tangle and style if that were the case. LOL! But I do have a pic of how my hair looks straight out of the shower. :-)