Wednesday, March 13, 2013

New Facial Routine!

Hey, curlies! I have a new facial routine. Frankly, I haven't taken great care of my face in years because I've been so busy with my kids and hadn't had the money, but it's time for me to get on the ball. I don't get a lot of acne anyway, and I usually just wash my face in the shower with regular soap. But I know that's not good for my face. My diet has been off, too. My face has been occasionally breaking out lately with stress and improper cleaning, and my skin tone is all over the place and blotchy-looking.
I recently tried this new 'oil cleansing' method that everyone's been raving about. Not gonna lie; it did work. I liked the feeling of the 'steam effect'. But much like the hype over co-washing, the purpose of oil is not to cleanse. I don't feel comfortable cleansing my face with oil the same way I don't feel comfortable cleansing my scalp with conditioner. Everyone's trying to get away from soap because of sulfates when all you have to do is purchase something without it!
I haven't had any of the Dudu Osun black soap lately because I couldn't order it and I just now realized that I didn't have to anymore. They sell it right in my local beauty supply store! So when this Lever 2000 soap finally runs out, I can go back to my natural soaps.
I thought about trying a Shea Moisture bar soap as well, but that's when I can find it in a store. Tired of paying for shipping with everything. LOL!
Okay, back to facial biz.I got an Ambi facial bar soap, only because I've always loved Ambi. I used it a lot during my college days, and my face was always utterly flawless. My skin tone was in check and moisturized. Here's the soap I got. In Walmart, it was $1.87. Originally, I thought it was five bucks because of where the soap was placed, but nope.
So I've been using this soap for the last three days, day and night. It's awesome! I love the smell and the softness. It's a very light cleanser, and this huge bar should last me a couple of months. After washing, I use JBCO as a facial moisturizer. A lot of people have been using castor oil for other things besides their hair, like their face, their dry feet, and the muscle aches.
I will keep testing this and see if any problems arise. But as of now, it's perfect.
I'm out! Until next time, peeps!

~Epic Realist~