Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Lightening Hair...Completely NATURALLY! ~PART 1~

Hiya, curly friends! I am so bored with my hair and do not have the funds to get another Shea Moisture dye to attempt to dye the ends of my hair again. So I decided to find a completely natural way to lighten my hair... without dyes.
I've heard of all kinds of things before, but some of them involved peroxide or bleach. I said, hell no, definitely not the bleach. Way too damaging from what I have heard. I searched YouTube, where there are tons of videos with women dying their hair with simply... cinnamon and honey. Cinnamon is the main ingredient; apparently, it has lightening properties, which is awesome. I have heard of this a few years back, but was always skeptical to try it because it takes more than two tries for your hair to begin getting lighter.
But anyway, I came across this website and found recipes that have actually worked on dark hair. Not blonde, not auburn, but dark brown and black hair. It was a simple recipe. I had all the ingredients, so I said, why not? How hard can it be? The kids were watching their morning TV, so I gathered everything I needed and mixed it all up. For the deep conditioner, I used my homemade one: mayonnaise, honey, grapeseed oil, and EVOO. The amount of honey in the recipe was what I used for the entire process... the DC (deep conditioner) and the lightener recipe.
The mixture started out thick, but as I added the liquid type things, like the lemon juice, it got a bit watery. Couldn't help it. Blah. This is a pic before I dampened my hair to apply the mixture.
It smelled SOOOOOOOO good, I wanted to eat it! But I didn't. LOL! Although it's edible, I don't think that this concoction would taste as good as it smells. >_> 
I draped a towel around my neck and used my fingers to apply it all over my head. At first, I was going to only do my ends, but why not? I needed the deep condition, anyway. It was a dripping mess, though. :/ 

 So this is what my hair looked like as I was applying the stuff. It felt good in my hair, but the cinnamon made my hands all grainy and brownish. It was also a little cold because the lemon that I squeezed juice out of had been in the fridge. They say that cinnamon burns, and my head is burning a little right now, but it's not bad, not like I have a relaxer kind of burn. I used every drop of the mixture because I have a LOT of hair. Then I tied a plastic bag over it and threw my shower cap OVER the plastic bag for more heat penetration.
My ends were already lightened from the Shea Moisture hair color that I used in April. I am hoping that this works, but they say that you have to try it about 3 or 4 times for you to noticeably see results.
So I am going to leave it it for as long as I can... probably all day if possible. Not sure if I will be able to see results after one time, but I will come back and show you guys what my hair looks like after rinsing it out.
Peace out till lata! xD

~Epic Realist~