Friday, August 16, 2013

My Recent Length Checks... and Hair Tip #5

Hola, curly mamas!

I haven't posted about MY length checks in a while. Life has been... well, life. Three kids under four, marriage, homeschooling, working from home, housework, the list goes on. So today, I will show you guys how my hair has been doing lately as far as my growth.

I am beyond pleased with my results lately. Shea Moisture products, deep conditioning, and those KCCM challenges have really been working! I've also been doing more protective styling... mini braids, twists, buns, etc. This is a lot of growth for two months.
Now the last KCCM challenge I was in, I had to basically drop out of because I was without internet for a little while. So I couldn't do my check in questions every week. But I am so ready for the next castor oil challenge, which is coming up in September.
Waist length hair, here I come! Hehe.
The ends of my hair and whatever portion of hair that I dyed back in April is still healthy. I haven't been able to purchase another dye just yet to enhance the color that I have, but the little red that I have in my hair is moisturized and strong. I keep water on my hair, and always seal with oil. Coloring my hair hasn't damaged it at all, and I'm very grateful for that. 

Hair Tip #5
The trick to permanently dying your hair is that before you even attempt to do it, your hair should be in TIP TOP shape. By tip top, I mean your hair shouldn't be a stage where it's falling out a lot, with tons of split ends, excessive dryness, bad breakage, none of that. If you don't feel that your hair is at it's best, DO NOT DYE IT until it is! You're only going to cause more harm to it. Your ends are probably going to feel brittle and break off. Doctor your hair up for a while and then try dying. 
If you feel that your hair is already in tip top shape, then by all means, go ahead and try some bold color! ;)

So that's my advice for today. Peace out till later! Take care of your curls!

~Epic Realist~