Thursday, August 29, 2013

Lightening Hair...Completely NATURALLY! ~PART 2~

Hello, again, curlies! I have completed my first hair lightening technique with natural products! For details, see Part 1 of this post.
 I can't see any lightening yet, but I plan to do this every week or every other week until I see a change.                                              BEFORE rinsing
So I left that cinnamon mixture in my hair for about three hours, because I wanted to wash it out while my kids were down for nap. When I took the bag off my head, my hair was kind of reddish looking, but very soft & it smelled VERY good.
I began to wash the stuff out. It was super grainy! Cinnamon grains were all over my hands with every touch. I washed my hair leaning over the tub because I wanted to use my shower hose to really get the mayo and stuff out. The part of my hair that had already been dyed looked lighter with the treatment in it. Maybe that's how it'll look in a few treatments. ;)
It took forever to rinse this stuff. I didn't use any shampoo because I have read that when you do a deep conditioner with mayo, it's best not to shampoo just yet. Surprisingly, my hair never smells like rotten mayonnaise or sour eggs after washing it out. So I kept rinsing and rinsing and rinsing until my back hurt.
All of the mayo was out, but the cinnamon granules just kept coming out!

 Oh, well. I got up and softly squeezed the water out of my hair with a towel. More cinnamon invaded my fingers. Mad softness, indeed. I think the cinnamon and honey did a great job along with the mayo to condition my hair. Like I said, no color results yet, but not only will I wait until it completely dries to tell for sure, but it takes a couple of treatments like this to see color. I am so excited to try this again!
                                               AFTER rinsing

If I notice any other changes to my hair after doing this treatment, I shall let you guys know soon. I hope you enjoyed this review of a natural hair lightener... for us black folks. Peace out until later curlfriends!
~Epic Realist~ 
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