Saturday, November 22, 2014

Once Upon a Curly Clan...

Heya, curly mamas! I just wanted to upload some pics of my kid's recent hairstyles. 





Lani (6 months)

These styles were done with a leave in and a gel (except the baby) and lasted a whole week. When I take Mari's hair out after a week, the moisture is phenomenal when I protect her hair in styles like this. Then she can rock a twist out/braid out for the next week before I wash. I absolutely cannot wash every kid's hair every week, so I've pushed their hair washing days to biweekly instead of weekly (except the baby who's hair gets washed during baths).  It's just too much freakin work! lol
I've started selling my whipped shea butter again as well, so it's been super busy around here. I'm still homeschooling and cooking and all that other SAHM jazz. So hair is sometimes at the bottom of the list. But moisture is still a top priority for everyone, regardless!



So that's my quick update for now. Got babies to feed and housework to do, even though it's Saturday. Blah. Hope you enjoy the hair pics! If you check out my YouTube, I am doing a series on my DIY avocado and banana deep conditioner. ;) 

Peace out! 
~Epic Realist~