Sunday, March 18, 2012

Hairstyle Fun & Length Check

On my birthday, I played with my hair until I found something new and random to do with it. It didn't look half bad. I pinned up one side of my curly fro with one of those hair clamps and left the rest out. You know, sometimes I hate that I have two textures of hair, but we probably all do and don't even realize it. Might as well embrace it. It can be frustrating though, when you can get certain parts of your hair to do something and the other parts won't seem to behave. Bleh. I know there are ways to tame that, though. I'm working on my hair at the same time I'm working on Syriah's, but I don't even see two different textures in her hair, at least not right now. Hopefully as she gets older, her hair texture won't change. Probably won't, because hubby's hair is still just as soft and silky as it was when he was young, always has been. I'm... not too sure about mine. lol

I also attempted corn braiding on Sy's hair... again. I'm not very proficient at corn braiding yet, so it didn't look all that to me. I did it anyway. My mom and sister said they liked it anyway. Ha! I have to keep practicing.
I decided to do my entire head in my signature twists the next day as a protective hairstyle. Took an hour and half. Back before I cut over 6 inches of hair off last year, twisting my 16-inch locks took nearly 3 hours. So the time has been practically cut in half, which is great. My arms get way too tired now anyway, being at the end of my pregnancy. I did another length check as well. Impressive. About bra strap length. Doesn't seem like my hair is that long, because of that little thing we all hate called shrinkage. Gotta love it, right?
Hopefully this style will last for two weeks. If not, I'll take it out and wear the twist out version for 3 days like I always do, and I sleep with my silk hair cap so the moisture stays in. It still looks great days later sometimes.

I used the new Shea Moisture curl cream to twist these, along with sealing the ends with evoo (extra virgin olive oil). My hair felt very lightweight and smelled like coconuts. Yum. Tonight is Syriah's next hair wash, so I'm going to try the Shea Moisture shampoo in her hair for the first time. It was awesome in mine, so I'm pretty sure it'll be just as good in hers.
This is Syriah's hair a few days ago when I applied the Shea Moisture curl stuff. Her curls lasted the entire day of her playing outside and the next day. Impressive.
Well, that's my little update. Questions or comments? Leave below or follow on Facebook! =) See ya!