Wednesday, March 14, 2012

New Shea Moisture Products!

My birthday is coming up in three days! Hubby let me splurge on hair products, which I was never able to do. EVER. So this is what I picked up from Walgreens. Well, the olive oil I always get during grocery shopping at Walmart, and the Burt's Bees chapstick came from there, too. But since I have no clue when Walmart will ever be hip to carrying natural hair products or have a high demand for it, I stopped in Walgreens and got these Shea Moisture products. I cannot wait to try them.
I've heard good reviews about them, and they're ALL NATURAL. Expensive. Ten bucks each.Yikes.

I'm probably going to wash my hair tomorrow, the day before my birthday and see how this rolls. This is my first ever sulfate-free shampoo... very excited. In fact, here's a list of everything it does not contain.
~No Parabens

~No Phthalates
~No Parrafin (wax)
~No Gluten
~No Proplyene Glycol
~No Mineral Oil
~No Synthetic Fragrance
~No Animal Testing
~No Synthetic Color
~No Animal Ingredients
~No Sulfates
So this is a certified organic product, established in 1912. Wow. I just washed Syriah's hair the day before yesterday, so she'll have to wait on the shampoo for another few days. I was using one of the Cream of Nature shampoos, which is still laced with chemicals and was drying out her hair. But I've put an end to that now. This is what her hair looked like the other night when I washed it with the Cream of Nature stuff. The pic of her in the purple shirt is before I even washed it.

 I used my extra virgin olive oil that I've been using for about two months now for moisturizing her scalp and a mixture of unrefined shea butter that I created in the blender a month ago, then slicked her hair back with a boar's head brush. I normally don't put her hair in a ponytail right after washing it, but it was late and I didn't feel like doing the usual several braids in her hair. I'm currently seven months pregnant with our third child, and giving the kids baths in the first place is mad tiring! So I just did a simple braid and wrapped it in this new scarf thing, which actually did not end up staying on her head AT ALL. I took it off in her sleep. -.-

Hopefully, that was the last time that I will be using a shampoo full of sulfates and other things. I've made up my mind to go all natural as far as hair as well as skin. Hubby is working on the natural foods thing, which I have little patience for because I'm not really an 'eater'. Next time, I might do a review of the Shea Moisture stuff on my hair because my hair needs a washing right now. This is how it looked yesterday. Excuse the fat face and non-responding look. LOL!

Stay tuned for the review if you're interesting in trying out this product. Peace out till later, curly mamas! <3