Thursday, March 29, 2012

It's a GIRL, Just Like I Thought! =)

I knew it! I'm having another girl! Woot! Her name will be Symari Layne. I'm about to hit 30 weeks now and super excited. I knew it was a girl the whole time. It's just a motherly feeling, and I was right about my other two kids. Plus, that Chinese prediction calendar was also right for me, all three times. How awesome is that? =)
My shea butter and new oils came in yesterday, and I've already made my newest concoction! I haven't taken pictures of it yet. I stored it in a glass jar that my mom bought specifically for me to experiment with. I've already used some in my hair, and tonight I'm going to wash Sy's hair and use some. It smells awesome because I also bought lavender oil and mixed that in.
Pictures will come soon! Been busy getting ready for baby, running back and forth to appointments, cleaning, shopping, everything. Life is pretty hectic, but in a fun way. Things are beginning to come together. Yay! Peace out till later, curly mamas!