Monday, April 29, 2013

Hair Show Goodies & Shea Moisture Color?

Morning, curly mamas! I really enjoyed the hair show this month. There was a brunch first, where Coco Natural's (Natural Hair Freedom) meet up group met to eat and enjoy hair talk from a few YouTube hair celebrities. The restaurant was packed; there was at least 50 naturalistas in there. They even ran out of chairs! After that, we all went to the hair show in our separate cars.
Syriah was my little marketer, even though at first, that wasn't my intention. I brought business cards to give out, and I just randomly thought of the idea to have her give them out to the ladies instead of me. You know how it is; it's hard to say no to a cute little child with gorgeous hair. Not to brag, but hey.
Syriah did a great job of handing out the cards. She passed out over 30 of them to anyone who paid her any attention, and even other strangers without me reminding her. She would insist that everyone have a card. She had a ball there.
I even met Afrikanhairgod! :)
So I only had a small amount of money to spend this time (bummer), but I went to the hair show with the sole purpose of getting some Shea Moisture hair color. Since I hadn't had a chance to get to Target, I knew that they'd have some for sale at the show. Because of the brunch, I was afraid that they'd be sold out because the brunch lasted from 10:00-12:00, and we didn't get to the convention center until 1:00 because everyone was standing around, chatting. This color system is new and popular, and only sold in Target as of now. But they weren't sold out. I was able to get two Shea Moisture things, the Yucca and Baobab Anti Breakage Masque and some hair color! I was ecstatic. It was 10 bucks, 5 bucks less that it would have been at Target.
I was skeptical as to which color to get, because I want either a medium brownish color or a slight reddish color. I was leaning more towards the brown, so I talked with the Shea Moisture consultants and they suggested this color. I was scared because it said blonde, but she informed me (and every other worried woman) that this color would not make their hair blonde unless their hair was already light brown from the start. This color only lifts your hair about two shades lighter from the color it started with. So I said, okay. I'll give it a try.
Then she told me that because of my hair length, I'd have to get TWO boxes of color, and that it would be 20 bucks. I was like awww maaaan... I didn't have twenty bucks. I'd already bought one thing and I had ten bucks left to spend. I didn't think that I'd need two because I have a lot of hair. So I got this one anyway and decided that I'd just dye the ends of my hair only... maybe. I'll have to see how much is really in the bottle.
I got tons of samples there, too. Click the link for the other pictures that I took.

Shea Moisture Anti Breakage Masque Review
I have already tried the Anti Breakage Masque yesterday as a deep conditioner. I left it in for an hour with a bag over my head, and when I washed it out, it was absolutely AWESOME! I can honestly say that this is the best conditioner/deep conditioner that I have ever purchased. I am in LOVE with it. It gives my hair the blow-dried look and softness without blow drying, and it's also a protein treatment. I haven't put anything else in my hair since the deep conditioner, and my hair stayed baby soft and de-tangled in twists all night and dried. The reason I didn't apply anything else in my head is obvious; because I am going to try the color system today and I want my hair to be completely free of product. :-)
So, my three toddlers are going down for a nap in about thirty minutes, and then there will be peace and quiet for me to to do my thing. I need absolute concentration when doing something like this for the first time. I have already done the skin test... no allergic reactions. Hooray! I'm counting down the minutes until I can finally use some color and give myself a whole new look!
Wish me luck, guys. You know I'll be posting pics if this comes out right. ;-)
Peace out till later, folks!

~Epic Realist~