Thursday, April 25, 2013

Work-out Hair and... World Natural Hair Show!

Hiya, curlies! I am showing you guys how I wore my hair yesterday when I went outside to work out. Hubby and I rode our bikes alone for the first time EVER, since my mother in law had the kids for two days. Woo hoo! So we rode a long way together and back, adding to my 'biking every other day' routine that I've been doing for the last few weeks to get in shape and lose weight.
It was beyond time for my hair to be washed already since I didn't do it on Monday or Sunday, so I prepped my hair with coconut oil as my pre-poo. Then I put it into a high puff ponytail, somewhat like the 'pineappling' method. A lot of the oil dripped down my neck when I went outside in the sun, but I didn't care. I wasn't trying to look that cute. O_O
After biking and hiking for nearly three hours, we got home and I hopped in the shower. Washed my hair like normal. Then I conditioned it using the last of my Roots of Nature Green Tea conditioner. My hair felt awesome and sweat-free. It fell like it always falls when I use coconut oil before washing it, although overnight results are always better. My hair is also shedding a lot less since taking vitamins. Yay for results once again!
Well, besides all that, I have some excitement going on for once. The Taliah Waajid World Natural Hair Show is coming back to Atlanta in two days! It's the spring one this time. I've been waiting for this event ever since I left the fall one in October. I'm quite sure that I'll have more fun this time than I did last time because not only do I know what to expect, but I have lots of people to meet on Saturday from a meet-up. So I definitely won't be lonely. :-)
Yes, I am bringing little Syriah with me again, because she had a ball last time and I want her to be involved in the natural hair beauty at a young age. Plus, she doesn't get out of the house much right now, she's four years old, and LOVES people. So she's excited about going with me.

So, I am super excited for Saturday. Two more days until the spring show! 
Talk to you curlies... um, more than likely when I get back on Saturday. Hehe.

Peace out!
~Epic Realist~